Angelina is passion. It's history.
It's a grandmother who accompanies this great passion, who imagined herself as an important designer and who wanted to give it to me so that I could be the fulfillment of her greatest desire. It's innate class and style. It's the indelible memory of a story of my mother. It's a dream trapped in a drawer and then released. It's dreaming between fashion and style of the time. It's sketches, lines and first intuitions. It's a dream born to be fulfilled. It's the love for simple and authentic things. It's the complicity of my family, the support of those who have decided to follow me in this adventure. It's the desire to express one's own personality through original materials and perfectly harmonious contrasts. It's the discovery of fabrics to love, touch and personalize.

Sartorial art metaphor of a style that does not want to go unnoticed. The refined symmetry of lines and shapes that leaves room for the creative inspiration of each woman.

Angelina is all this, not just a bag but an elegant companion with italian charm.
The only one to feel unique.